Goodtimes Roastery

Small batch. Freshly roasted.

About Me

Goodtimes! A phrase I say a lot........and really mean! 

To me, Goodtimes is about sharing time with family and friends reminiscing the past and laughing about the present moment, maybe over a cup of coffee.  And if it just so happens to be my coffee even better! You can find Goodtimes in every situation. 

Who am I?

My name is Simon and I live on the peaceful island of Guernsey with my wife and three little rescue dogs. I have bean roasting since 2017. Coming out of a sales job and stumbling across and applying for a job advertisement for a local Roastery was probably one of the best decisions I made, other than marrying my wife of course!

Ever since I started roasting I have been fascinated about the the whole process.  

It is easy to forget what goes on behind the scenes of our “simple” cup of coffee; from the farmers planting and harvesting the cherries, all the way to the barista. All of these people take the time and passion to learn their trade and provide us with the best experience possible. The best thing about what I do is I never stop learning! 

The dream for me is to share the knowledge I have learnt and am still learning to this day. Being able to showcase coffees from around the world is an honour and I take great pride in what I do. 

My coffee and ethos

I currently roast on a 1kg electric roaster - she’s beautiful but is yet to be named. 

Each coffee is carefully sourced and roasted to highlight its best attributes, bringing out the natural sweetness while still staying true to its flavour of origin. Did you know that coffee is actually a fruit? It’s hard to tell sometimes when you’re drinking a coffee that just tastes like “coffee”. Coffee beans are also classed as seeds.....mind blown!

My aim is to purchase green coffee where the money goes back to the farmers, their families and their education. Not only are we helping others but we are helping to give the tools to these farmers to improve their quality in coffee and life, which in turn reflects in the final product. It’s a win win!

Being able to highlight the desirable flavours of each origin is important to me. Long gone are the days of roasting all the flavour out of the coffee, well for me anyway. All I want to do is share my passion and love for coffee and keep the Goodtimes rolling. 

My goal is to be Guernsey’s most sustainable roastery through ethical sourcing and home roasting

  • Community - Supporting local businesses bringing people together to enjoy Goodtimes
  • Sustainability – sourcing the best local produce using eco-friendly modes and packaging
  • Adaptability – grow knowledge to produce and reflect the beans best attributes

Supporting local businesses

Living on such a small island the importance of helping the local community is vital in order to keep the spirit of local producers in business.  From the local farmers to the small business owners where your input directly affects families. 

Sure we are all guilty of filling the fat cats pockets but by giving back to small local businesses when we can help keep that community spirit alive. 

Goodtimes prides itself on the quality of all products and services, that is why we encourage feedback and any queries you may have, we’d love to hear from you!

Keep the Goodtimes rolling! 


I ONLY drink Goodtimes coffee, for 3 reasons.  Most importantly it is delicious, secondly it is responsibly sourced and processed and finally because supporting independent businesses is so important!  Simon provides the kind of friendly and customer focused service that you just don’t get with the big boys!”